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4.1 Looks Sweet

Posted by skahler on

Just downloaded the 4.1 Release Notes and looking them over. There are a ton of things in there we could make immediate use of:

    Enhanced Workload Management: Statement-Level Memory

    Tight Hadoop Integration

    Simpler, Faster Installation: Parallel Installation Utility

    Better In Database Analytics

    Enhanced Support of Joins for UPDATE and DELETE

    Ordered Aggregates and Ordered Reduce Specifications in
    Greenplum MapReduce

    Transaction Performance Enhancement

    Enhanced gpload Performance to Avoid Catalog Bloat

    Online Segment Rebalancing Following a Recovery

    Performance Monitor Enhancements

    PostgreSQL 9.0 Client Compatibility

    Oracle Unbreakable Linux 5.5 Support

GP is out

Posted by skahler on

Greenplum rolled out this last week and fixes many network communication and Append Only table issues that we’ve been running into. The caveat here is that GP has had some additional things crop up so I would recommend waiting until is released before making any updates.

GPDB Release Notes

standby masters are good

Posted by skahler on

We had a meeting last week where we were talking about Greenplum and we got on the topic of the standby masters. Which are really just sitting out there pulling transaction logs from the active master and hanging around. The consensus was that the need for the standby masters would be very few and far between and we haven’t needed them for the entire time we’ve been running GP thus far. That was last week. This week we’ve had two cases where we have needed the standby masters. One was a hardware issue with the 10G nic in the master of one cluster and the other was a table issue during recovery of another cluster. So yeah, the standby masters are needed.